About the Augustine Collective

We, the members of the Augustine Collective, have come together because we believe the Christian Gospel encompasses the whole of life itself; that the brokenness of this world is mirrored in the brokenness of God on the cross; and that the answer to our brokenness is found only in the Resurrection. For us, this means that all things hold together in Christ: art, history, music, philosophy, mathematics, literature, poetry, medicine, law, justice, and science. The modern university was founded to pursue these things: Light and Truth, as Yale has it, or simply Veritas, at Harvard.

We publish journals that bring the intellectual riches of the Christian tradition to bear upon the diverse ideas in the modern academy. Our goal is to be thoughtful witnesses to our faith, to do the difficult yet exciting work of integrating faith and reason in the pursuit of truth.

The Augustine Collective is a student-driven network of Christian journals on college campuses. Launched in 2010, the Augustine Collective is now run as a program of The Veritas Forum, an international non-profit devoted to elevating thoughtful Christian perspectives and promoting dialogue on campus and in society.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about starting a journal on your campus, contact us, or visit our main website.

Annual Retreat

The Augustine Collective Annual Retreat gathers the staff of college-based Christian journals for a time of encouragement and training. During the retreat, students interact with Christian thought leaders and editors, share experiences with peers from other campuses, and think strategically about the next steps for their publication. The retreat also provides guidance for students interested in starting a publication on their campus.

This year, the 11th annual Augustine Collective retreat will be held on January 25-27, 2019 in Boston, MA at the Omni Parker Hotel.

The Omni Parker House


We have a new host location this year: the Omni Parker House at 60 School Street in Boston. The Omni Parker boasts a record as the U.S. hotel in the longest unbroken service. An array of historically important people have a connection to the hotel: the Saturday Club, which included figures like Emerson and Hawthorne, would gather there for discussion; athletes (Babe Ruth), politicians (Ulysses S. Grant), and actors (Judy Garland) passed through its doors, and Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh were on staff at the Omni Parker. Charles Dickens lived there for five months, and just over a week before shooting Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth lodged there. It was at the Omni Parker, too, where JFK proposed to his wife and where the Boston Creme Pie was invented.

Today the hotel has 551 guest rooms and suites, and a rooftop ballroom where some of our weekend’s events will be held. The hotel is also centrally located: It sits near the Boston Commons, close to the historic Beacon Hill area as well as Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. It’s just over two miles from Logan Airport, and under a mile from South Station.

(Photos courtesy of the Omni Parker)

Augustine Collective Member Publications:

  • UC Berkeley: To an Unknown God
  • Brown University: Cornerstone
  • California Polytechnic State University: Aletheia
  • The Claremont Colleges: Ekklesia
  • Columbia University: The Crown & Cross
  • Cornell University: The Claritas
  • Dartmouth: The Apologia
  • Duke: Crux
  • Harvard: The Ichthus
  • Johns Hopkins University: The Hopkins Dialetic
  • MIT: MIT Et Spiritus
  • Stanford University: Vox Clara
  • Swarthmore: Peripateo
  • University of North Carolina: To the Well
  • University of Minnesota: Between Cities
  • UT Austin: Texas Trinitas
  • University of Vermont: Lux Aeterna
  • Vanderbilt University: Vanderbilt Synesis
  • Washington University St. Louis: Kairos
  • Wheaton: The Pub
  • Williams: The Telos
  • Yale: Logos